we have been aware of our did since the body was ~13-14!
the core (dean) is no longer an active member of the system.
our system is constantly changing and we're constantly working towards understanding each other and our environment better, so things are likely to change and fluxuate! please be patient!
that being said, we're also working towards figuring out our own identities! forgive us if things seem unsteady.
in order from most to least active: jeff, valor, red, luka, oli, wolf. leo and ??? have never fronted before and are the newest members.
BIRTHDAY: 1/6 [officially "born" 11/1/15]
IDENTITY: fictional introject of jeff andonuts from earthbound with kins.
BIO: very generous, soft, loyal and outgoing. loves to draw and meet new people. can be a little over the top and excitable sometimes.
LIKES: coffee, video games, drawing, animating, science, psychology, making friends.
DISLIKES: abandonment, spiders, mirrors, anything dangerous.
APPEARANCE: angelic humanoid being. they have no mouth and usually have anywhere from 2 to 10 eyes (yellow). their skin is a deep bluish purple that has flecks of stars and space in it. they can have 1 to 3 sets of brightly colored angel wings. they're usually very tall.
BIO: very calm and reserved, and very analytical and well rounded. they tend to be the voice of reason in most situations and keep everything under control.
LIKES: reading books, tea, relaxing, early morning and midnight, nature and nature sounds.
DISLIKES: chaotic and out of control environments, loud noises.
CONTACT: tumblr (inactive)
IDENTITY: fictional introject of red from south park with kins. has a purple scarf that she's rarely seen without. wears basically anything a middleschool girl would wear as long as it's purple, navy blue, or gray.
BIO: very hyperactive and excitable, and extremely outgoing and kinda essentric! tends to spend most of her time drawing and watching cartoons, and occasionally taking walks and hanging out at parks if it's warm out!
LIKES: drawing, apple juice, cartoons (especially spongebob), cherries, flowers, video games, pokemon, socializing and making friends.
DISLIKES: grapes?
CONTACT: tumblr, deviantart
OLI/OSO • HE/HIM • 21-24
IDENTITY: fictional introject of osomatsu from osomatsu-san. tends to wear a black and gray chullo hat. the hat looks like [this].
BIO: textbook big brother! super laid back and chill, and never passes down an opportunity to crack a joke. tends to tease and poke fun, but is ultimately super caring and compassionate even if he doesn't show it in the most serious of ways.
LIKES: video games (especially fallout and skyrim), hoodies, basically any food he can get his hands on.
DISLIKES: formal situations, the heat, being left alone or being ignored.
APPEARANCE: white wolf with piercing green eyes. tends to vary in size from a medium pet dog to almost the size of a bear.
BIO: tends to be very cold and distant from others, but cares a lot for those it trusts. usually only speaks in firm one word replies or very short sentences unless it has to do otherwise.
LIKES: ???
IDENTITY: fictional introject of alluka zoldyck from hunter x hunter. has short, messy hair and tends to wear more casual skirts and dresses, as well as 'witchy' outfits.
BIO: a beginner wiccan witch! very soft and shy even if she doesn't like to admit it, but is very kind and compassionate towards others. she has a heart of gold and always means well. has a growing stuffed animal collection! usually open to do tarot card readings!
LIKES: witchcraft, nature, tea, stuffed animals, drawing, vocaloid.
DISLIKES: tba....
CONTACT: tumblr, deviantart
LEO • HE/THEY • 14-17
APPEARANCE: masculine-leaning adrogenous skater lad. has a short black faux hawk with gray eyes, pale skin, and tends to wear beanies and baggy clothes. wears converse that are worse for wear with holes in them.
BIO: punk gamer skater dude! spunky, laid back and cool. has a pretty optimistic outlook on the world and believes that life is precious. appreciates every second he's alive.
LIKES: skateboarding, gaming, rainstorms, lo-fi, and more retro things.
DISLIKES: tba???
??? • THEY/THEM • 22(?)
APPEARANCE: ??? not much can be said about them just yet.
BIO: the epitome of sunshine. they have an affinity with nature and flowers, sunflowers especially. they're a weird in between of high positive energy and mellow positive energy. they would probably run a flower shop if they could.
LIKES: sunflowers, the color yellow, summertime, being outdoors, early morning.
DISLIKES: bold of you to assume they dislike anything [TBA??]